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Wimbledon in Chinese || Learn How To Talk Tennis in Mandarin

Tennis in Chinese

If you love Tennis then we’ve got the perfect article for you right here. It’s time to talk Tennis and learn how to say Wimbledon in Chinese… alongside all the other important words you need to know!

Wimbledon is the most famous of the Tennis Grand Slams, taking place in the Summer every year in London, and has hosted the biggest names in Tennis.

Today we wanted to teach you some key phrases for watching the Tennis in Chinese.

FIRST THOUGH, we want to learn how to say Wimbledon in Chinese, and actually, it’s not that hard.

Wimbledon in Chinese is 温布尔登 wēn bù’ěr dēng

Actually for short it’s also known as 温网 wēn wǎng

The sound, as with many place names in Chinese, is very similar to that of the English.

Although remembering the characters is one thing, at least in spoken terms this is pretty simple, just four syllables, all very similar sounding to English.

As you’ll see above with the image, Tennis in Chinese is 网球 wǎng qiú – so there we have our first two words!

Time to serve up some more (sorrrryyy, the pun set itself up… STOP IT)!

Wimbledon in Chinese – Basic Tennis Terms

Wimbledon in Chinese – Useful Sentences

Wimbledon in Chinese – Player Names

Wimbledon in Chinese – Famous Chinese Players

Wimbledon in Chinese – Other Grand Slams

Wimbledon in Chinese – Basic Tennis Terms

Before we delve into some really useful keywords let’s learn the formal Chinese for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

A bit of a mouthful – 温布尔登网球锦标赛 wēn bù’ěr dēng wǎngqiú jǐnbiāosài

You can just use Wimbledon though, exactly in the same way as English.

OK now onto some slightly easier ones to remember!

  • game – 局 jú
  • set – 盘 pán
  • match – 场 chǎng
  • deuce – 平分 píng fēn
  • net – 球网 qiú wǎng
  • strawberries & cream – 草莓和奶油 cǎo méi hé nǎi yóu
  • grass – 草地 cǎo dì
  • grass court – 草场 cǎo chǎng
  • stadium – 体育场 tǐ yù chǎng
  • centre court – 中心球场 zhōng xīn qiú chǎng
  • umpire/referee – 裁判 cái pàn
  • advantage set – 长盘 cháng pán
  • tiebreaker set – 抢七 qiǎng qī
  • to a lose point – 失分 shī fēn
  • ball that falls on the line – 压线球 yā xiàn qiú
  • unseeded player – 非种子球员 fēi zhǒng zǐ qiú yuán
  • seeded player – 种子球员 zhǒng zǐ qiú yuán
  • service area – 发球区 fā qiú qū
  • white clothing – 白色的衣服 bái sè de yī fú

And of course how can we forget…

  • Queen Elizabeth II – 女王伊丽莎白二世 nǚwáng yī lì shā bái èr shì

Wimbledon in Chinese – Useful Sentences

OK so we’ve got our first useful keywords for talking tennis in Chinese… now let’s build some context around them with some useful sentences you might want to use.

She / He can play tennis.她 / 他 会打网球。tā / tā huì dǎ wǎngqiú。
Let’s go and play tennis.我们去打网球吧。wǒmen qù dǎ wǎngqiú ba。
Tennis is my favourite sport网球是我最喜欢的运动。wǎngqiú shì wǒ zuì xǐhuān de yùndòng。
Where do you have tennis lessons?您在哪里上网球课?nín zài nǎlǐ shàng wǎngqiú kè?
Let’s go and play tennis this weekend!我们周末去打网球吧。wǒmen zhōumò qù dǎ wǎngqiú ba。
Do you enjoy playing tennis?你喜欢打网球吗?nǐ xǐhuan dǎ wǎngqiú ma?
Who is your favourite tennis star?你最喜欢的网球明星是谁?nǐ zuì xǐhuān de wǎngqiú míngxīng shì shéi?
Have you ever been to Wimbledon?您去过温布尔登吗?ní qùguò wēn bù’ěr dēng ma?
Did you bring your tennis racket?你带网球拍了吗?nǐ dài wǎngqiú pāile ma?
Do you prefer tennis or table tennis?您喜欢网球还是乒乓球?nín xǐhuān wǎngqiú háishì pīngpāng qiú?

That’s ten useful sentences to learn when talking tennis in Chinese.

Try using them out with your Chinese friends, or want us to include more? Comment with your very own below.

Wimbledon in Chinese – Player Names

Time to learn some of those famous player names in Chinese.

What you’ll find when learning Chinese is that every single person has their name translated to Chinese.

Not to worry, they normally sound really similar to their actual name, but still, it’s useful to understand and discover this part of Chinese culture.

DISCLAIMER – China also has a funny habit of giving particularly famous people, rather odd and amusing nicknames. These include Mr Perfect (Calvin Harris), Fruit Sister (Katy Perry) and Stone Cold Face (Kristen Stewart). Today we are going with actual translated names rather than any nicknames that are given.

  • Novak Djokovic – dé yuē kē wéi qí 德约科维奇
  • Andy Murray – ān dí · mù léi 安迪 · 穆雷
  • Martina Hingis – mǎdīng nà · xīn jí sī 马丁娜 · 辛吉斯
  • Roger Federer – luō jié · fèidélēi 罗杰 · 费德勒
  • Rafa Nadal – lā fǎ · nà dá’ěr 拉法 · 纳达尔
  • Steffi Graff – sī tè fēi · gélā fū 斯特菲 · 格拉夫
  • John McEnroe – yuē hàn · mài kěn luō 约翰 · 麦肯罗
  • 皮特·桑普拉斯
  • Martina Navratilova – mǎdīng nà · nà fú lā dì luò wá 马丁娜 · 纳芙拉蒂洛娃
  • Pete Sampras – 皮特 · 桑普拉斯 pítè · sāng pǔ lā sī
  • Boris Becker – 鲍里斯 · 贝克尔 bào lǐsī · bèikè ěr
Complete Guide to Basic Chinese Grammar & Sentence Structures Thumbnail

Complete Guide to Basic Chinese Grammar & Sentence Structures

Chinese grammar is NOT as hard as you think. In fact it’s a lot easier than many other languages. Here we introduce some key points and show you the way.

Wimbledon in Chinese – Famous Chinese Players

Tennis is incredibly popular in China, and although the table equivalent is what many people fame China for, actually the country can boast a number of stars across all the racket sports.

Let’s take a quick look at some of China’s most famed Tennis stars ever.

1 – Li Na (李娜)

Without doubt China’s greatest Tennis export of all time.

Li Na achieved a career high rank of 2nd in the world back in 2014, the same year in which she won the 2nd of her 2 overall Grand Slams.

Her first being at Roland Garros, France in 2011, and the 2nd in Australia for the traditional curtain raiser of the year.

Overall she won 9 WTA titles during her successful career.

Li also made the semi-final of the 2008 Olympics in China, after a memorable quarter-final win over Venus Williams, in China.

Sadly for Li, and China, she lost agonisingly to Dinara Safina in the Semi’s, and then also fell in her quest for a bronze medal to another Russian, Vera Zvonareva.

Li retired in September 2014 at the age of 32 and remains China’s greatest tennis player of all time.

This can also be confirmed with her career earnings which exceed a huge 16 million USD of prize money.

2 – Zheng Jie (郑洁)

Zheng became the first ever Chinese player to make the semi-final of a Grand Slam when she reached the 2008 Semi-Final at Wimbledon.

She defeated then world #1 Ana Ivanovic along the way.

Zheng also boasts a plethora of doubles titles, 15 in total. 11 of those with Yan Zi which include Wimbledon and the Australian Open titles in 2006.

Zheng also boasts a bronze from the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the doubles.

She retired in 2015, racking up a career total earnings in excess of 6 million USD.

Zheng’s victory over Ana Ivanovic at Wimbledon 2008

3 – Peng Shuai (彭帅)

Peng made her name in the doubles format of tennis, being the first Chinese player in history to reach the world #1 rank.

She achieved this feat in 2014, something which neither male nor female, singles nor doubles had ever achieved in China’s history.

Her highest singles rank was still a highly respectable 14th.

Peng enjoyed doubles success at Wimbledon (2013) and France (2014), and totalled a huge 23 tournament successes.

Her best individual performance at a grand slam came at the 2014 US Open, reaching the semi-finals, only the 3rd Chinese player to do so in history (the other two being Li Na and Zheng Jie mentioned above).

Peng’s sizeable career earnings come to around 10 million USD.

Wimbledon in Chinese – Other Grand Slams

We all love the lush grass courts of Wimbledon but there are three other big prizes for tennis players to grab throughout the year which are:

  • The Australian Open
  • The French Open
  • The US Open

Let’s take a look how to say them in Chinese also…

Grand SlamChineseAbbreviation
Australian Open澳大利亚网球公开赛 àodàlìyǎ wǎngqiú gōngkāi sài澳网 ào wǎng
French Open法国网球公开赛 fàguó wǎngqiú gōngkāi sài法网 fǎ wǎng
Wimbledon温布尔登网球锦标赛 wēn bù’ěr dēng wǎngqiú jǐnbiāosài温网 wēn wǎng
US Open美国网球公开赛 měiguó wǎngqiú gōngkāi sài美网 měi wǎng

Wimbledon in Chinese || FAQs

How do you say Wimbledon in Chinese?

Wimbledon in Chinese is 温布尔登 wēn bù’ěr dēng.

Actually for short it’s also known as 温网 wēn wǎng

How do you say Tennis in Chinese?

Tennis in Chinese is 网球 wǎng qiú

Who is the most successful Chinese player ever?

Female tennis player Li Na is China’s greatest ever tennis player.

Li Na achieved a career high rank of 2nd in the world back in 2014, the same year in which she won the 2nd of her 2 overall Grand Slams.

How do you say Strawberries and Cream in Chinese?

草莓和奶油 cǎo méi hé nǎi yóu

How do you say Centre Court in Chinese?

Centre Court in Chinese is 中心球场 zhōng xīn qiú chǎng.

How do you say Novak Djokovic’s name in Chinese?

Chinese people would simply transliterate the surname to make:

dé yuē kē wéi qí 德约科维奇

How do you say Roger Federer’s name in Chinese?

luō jié · fèidélēi 罗杰 · 费德勒

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