Want To Transcribe For Us?

Want To Transcribe For Us?

We want your help! To help us translate the subtitles from our videos into other languages!

Here at LTL we constantly creating content to tell the world about China, it’s rich culture, language, food, art, history, transport, growth, travel destinations and much much more!

As a language school, we appreciate that English isn’t always the best way to get these messages out there.

That’s where we need your help.

Thanks to YouTube we’re able to add English subtitles to our videos that can roughly be translated into other languages.

However, as we all know translators do have their shortcomings.

We need your help to translate titles, descriptions and subtitles into other languages. Here’s Alan to help explain how you can do that.

What’s in it for you?

Let us know you’ve helped us out via social media and we’ll gift you 3 HOURS of FREE online Chinese classes!

BUT wait there’s more!

In addition to the automatic credit given to your YouTube channel. We’ll also credit you personally in the description section linking to your social media of choice.

Finally, each month be sure to catch our live stream where we’ll be giving away other free merchandise to contributors to our channel.

Know more than one language?

Want to practice your Chinese?

Perfect! We welcome as many translations as you can manage and will give special thanks not just online but also with bonus prizes in our live stream giveaways.

Here are the videos we’re hoping you’ll transcribe for us!

Thanks for all your help!

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