Learn Chinese in China in small group classes that contain no more than six students and an average of just three.

Small group classes at LTL are a great way to get talking, writing and reading together.

Everyone gets a chance to play their part. Our classrooms are modern, bright and fairly small meaning this isn’t just hours of taking notes and listening.

Our teachers are all full certified and have bags of experience when teaching Chinese to foreigners. We only hire the best.

At LTL Mandarin School you really get the chance to dive right into the language.

Our school locations give you the chance to study Chinese throughout China with also Beijing, Shanghai, Chengde, Beihai, Chengdu and even Singapore and Taipei also on offer.

  • Small Groups so you learn faster
  • No more than six students per group
  • Average of three per group
  • Progress faster than you thought possible
  • Make great friends at LTL
  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening

China’s Finest

Bags of Experience – We only hire the finest China has to offer
Qualified – Our teachers all hold a degree in Teaching Chinese
Certified – Many apply, but only a few make the grade

Our Super Support Team

Always Here – We are here to help you when you need us
Experts – We understand how to deal with your queries
Family Feel – LTL will become your second home in no time

Progress Fast

With the best – Learn much faster than a University Semester
Efficiency – Get talking early on, this is so important to progress
With friends – Help each other along, have fun in the process

Full Time, Top Quality

Small – Classes are kept small for a reason
Never More Than Six – Smaller the class, the more you can talk
Make Friends – You’ll meet students from all over the world


Here are the key details for our Small Group Classes:

Standard – 4 hours per day, 5 days a week totalling 20 hours of Chinese study each week.

Intensive – 6 hours per day (4 hours of group class and 2 hours of 1-on-1 class), 5 days a week totally 30 hours of Chinese study each week.

Our Intensive class gives you the chance to bump up your Chinese even faster with 2 hours of 1-on-1 tutelage on top of your group classes. This will help consolidate the knowledge you pick up in your group classes that bit further.

The Free Assessment

Don’t worry, this isn’t a test.

The idea of our assessment is to make sure we know exactly where you stand with your current Chinese level. Putting you in the right class is essential to progression. You don’t want to be stuck in a class with students speaking at a higher level than you, do you?

Our director of studies will chat to you briefly on the phone (Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp etc) for 5-10 minutes and this will give us an idea of where to place you.

This makes everyone’s lives easier when you arrive in China!

NOTE – If you already know some Mandarin, you can start on any Monday of the year.

If you are a complete beginner, then you can start on anyone of these Mondays below.

LEARN CHINESE IN XI’AN – 2020-21 Starting Dates

  • 23 March 2020
  • 13 Apr 2020
  • 04 May 2020
  • 25 May 2020
  • 15 June 2020
  • 06 July 2020
  • 20 July 2020
  • 03 August 2020
  • 17 August 2020
  • 31 August 2020
  • 21 September 2020
  • 12 October 2020
  • 09 November 2020
  • 30 November 2020
  • 21 December 2020
  • 18 January 2021
  • 08 February 2021
  • 01 March 2021
  • 22 March 2021
  • 12 April 2021
  • 24 May 2021
  • 14 June 2021
  • 05 July 2021
  • 19 July 2021
  • 02 August 2021
  • 16 August 2021
  • 30 August 2021
  • 20 September 2021
  • 27 September 2021
  • 11 October 2021
  • 08 November 2021
  • 29 November 2021
  • 20 December 2021


Duration% OFFStandard
(20h group)
(20h group + 10h 1-on-1)
1 week0%1,6533,352
2 weeks-4%3,2266,541
4 weeks-7%6,14112,452
6 weeks-12%8,76717,778
8 weeks-16%11,12622,562
12 weeks-24%15,12030,660
13-52 wks-24%1,260/wk2,555/wk

Key Details:


What is a typical lesson at LTL like?

Our group classes are all about enhancing your basis of Chinese as quickly as possible. This is done using relevant text books and getting your mouth moving (speaking Chinese) early as possible.

Typically lessons tend to be split into this format:

Mon-Wed-Fri – Speaking

Tue-Thu – Character Practice

All elements of Chinese are covered meaning you cover all bases from the very beginning.

How intensive is 6 hours per day?

It’s a challenge for sure but our students tend to relish and enjoy it.

This is a fantastic way to truly consolidate what you learn in group classes and also a great way to tailor content to how you want.

Group classes follow a structure but with individual classes you can learn exactly what you want.

How many teachers will I have?

Generally one or two.

It can depend on the season, how busy the school is and other factors but the typical scenario will leave you with two teachers – one for Oral Chinese and the other for Written Chinese.

Of course, all teachers communicate about their lessons with other teachers so you don’t waste time going over the same things.

How can I further consolidate what I learn in class?

There are loads of things you can do such as:

Stay at a Homestay

Make Chinese friends

Go to language mix events

Study, study, study

Read lots

Download the best Chinese learning apps

Ask questions as much as possible

Try NOT to default to your mother tongue

Should I choose group or 1-on-1 classes?

This really is entirely up to you.

If you already have a fairly decent grasp of Mandarin then placing you in a group is much harder because levels tend to vary much more from the intermediate levels upwards.

If you are a complete beginner, or have a little basis in Mandarin perhaps the Intensive course (4 hours Group, 2 hours Individual) would be a great way to start.

Likewise, if you have particular things you want to learn, 1-on-1 is probably best because you can tailor the classes to what you want.

Give us a call or an email us and we can chat about what suits you best.

Where will my classmates be from?

Anywhere and everywhere! The beauty of LTL is the diversity of the school.

Everyone has their own story and their own background.

It’s a truly great place to be and you will meet characters you’d never meet in your home environment.

Do we get to talk Chinese much in class?

Yes, this is essential and why we keep class sizes so small.

If you just sit and listen to us, how do you expect to improve. It’s so important to us that you all get speaking as early as possible and get comfortable with the language.

Can I also learn Online?

Yes you can.

We have tailored online courses or online group classes you can partake in instead of coming to China, or before you arrive.

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