Teach English Homestay Experience

Save 50% on our standard Homestay Program by teaching English to a Chinese national with LTL.

No teaching experience is needed, just a good grasp of the English language.

This is a fantastic budget option if you really want to experience a Chinese homestay but want to save 50%!

You will be responsible for teaching English to a member of your host family for six hours each week.

That can be after class or at weekends, or a bit of both.

Our student Zander in China

  • 50% OFF the price of a regular Homestay
  • Six hours of lessons per week
  • Arrange a flexible schedule with your host family
  • All homestay benefits
  • Bills included
  • No prior teaching experience needed

Enjoy all the benefits of a full price homestay, which include glorious home cooked Chinese food, your own bedroom, bills all included and all the exposure to Mandarin you could possibly need in your quest to improve your language skills.

  • Gain Teaching Experience

    Gain Teaching Experience

    Be a Teacher – Six hours of lessons per week

    Chilled – No pressure and calm environment

    Work in China – Gain experience teaching in China

    Everyone Wins – You improve your Chinese, family improves English

  • Make Big Savings

    Make Big Savings

    50% - Just half the price of a standard homestay

    No Corners Cut – The full homestay experience

    Great Housing – Bedroom, bathroom, WiFi all included

    Immersion – Be in control, speak Mandarin all day

  • The LTL Way

    The LTL Way

    Family – From teachers and staff to students. We are a close family at LTL and we want you to be a part of it! Come and see.

    Social Side – We host a number of social events each week to help bring people together further. Sign up and join in the fun.

  • 24/7 Exposure

    24/7 Exposure

    Host Family – Whatever you learn in the classroom, put it into practice when you come back to your host family. Improve fast!

    Progress daily – With Mandarin inside of school as well as out, it's impossible not to make speedy progress with your Mandarin.

Teach English Experience with LTL

Here’s the deal:

  • Come and study Chinese with LTL – enjoy group or individual classes and make rapid progress with your Mandarin.
  • Save 50% off the normal homestay price and in return teach English to a family member of the host family.
  • The schedule is flexible. You will arrange this with your homestay.
  • No teaching materials need to be provided and no experience of teaching before is necessary.
  • Everyone wins – You gain experience teaching English to your host family whilst learning a new language. They enhance their English skills and get to show a foreigner what life is truly like in China.

NOTE – Classes will be in the evening or weekend, so they won’t clash with your Chinese lessons. No English teaching qualifications are needed. We require you to be fluent in English or a native English speaker. If you are unsure about your level, speak to us.

Teach English Experience – Prices (CNY)

Duration % OFF Price in CNY
1 week 0% 1,027
2 weeks -3% 1,994
3 weeks -6% 2,904
4 weeks -9% 3,760
5 weeks -11% 4,563
6 weeks -14% 5,316
7 weeks -16% 6,021
8 weeks -19% 6,681
9 weeks -21% 7,297
10 weeks -23% 7,872
11 weeks -26% 8,407
12 weeks -28% 8,904
> 12 per week -28% 742/week
per extra night 171/night

All prices are listed in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

ALL INCLUSIVE – Prices include WiFi, bills, breakfast and dinner. If you’d rather live with a homestay and not teach English, it’s worth checking out our homestay program.

IMPORTANT – Teach English Homestays can be located a little further from school (up to one hour).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the host family speak English?

They will know a little English but this will be fairly basic.

They are hoping you can give them a boost in the right direction but this will also help your Mandarin when there are those moments of trying to communicate new words!

Can I wash my clothes at my homestay?

Absolutely. There are laundry facilities which your family will give you access to. 

What's it actually like living in an LTL Homestay?

Good question!

It’s an experience you’ll absolutely never forget, we know that much. We’ve got a load of excellent reviews from previous students but perhaps the best thing to do is check out a documentary following one of our homestays in China.

Who do I teach?

This is dependant on the family.

Sometimes it’s a younger child, maybe a teenager or young adult wanting to improve their English.

What's the food like?

So good! Honestly it is!

People worry, especially if you have allergies or don’t eat meat. You can get by absolutely no problem! We’ll let these do the talking.

Being Vegetarian or Vegan in China

Peanut Allergies in China: 5 Danger Zones

Traditional Food in China – What are the Top Five Traditional Chinese Dishes?

Is there air-con and heating for the hotter and colder parts of the year?

Yes all homestay’s are equipped with air-con and heating so you remain comfortable.

Other Options

  • Social Life


    You will enjoy being part of the LTL Family when in Xi'an. Staff, teachers and students spend time together outside of class. Whether it be at a restaurant, bar, or museum, there is plenty to do with LTL.

    Learn More

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