Study Chinese in China – Individual Classes

Study Chinese in China with LTL Mandarin School to make the fastest progress possible when it comes to learning Mandarin.

All our 1-on-1 classes in Xi’an are tailored specifically to meet your needs. So whether it’s improvement in reading characters, speaking or even business lingo, we will have you covered.

All classes are taught by fully qualified and certified Mandarin teachers, who all boast bags of experience and will help to tailor the perfect study plan to your needs.

You can study Chinese in China up to 6 hours every weekday and make the most of your time in China!

Study Chinese in China

  • Study Chinese in China
  • Fully tailored Mandarin Course
  • You tell us what you want to learn
  • Learning 1-on-1 is the best way
  • Assessment before arriving
  • Flexible lesson arrangement
  • 24/7 support from the LTL team
  • Make friends from around the world

Before coming to China to study Chinese with LTL  you will undertake a brief assessment with us so we can understand your current level of Mandarin. With this, we can create the perfect plan for you.

The assessment can take place via Whatsapp, Skype or a phone call from the comfort of your own home.

  • Work Around You

    Work Around You

    Flexible – We don't have a set structure. Sometimes classes run early in the morning, sometimes later into the afternoon. We work around you.

    Top Teachers – You may have one teacher or two, either way they will come up with the right study plan for you to make sure you reach your Mandarin goals.

  • Full Time Program

    Full Time Program

    Progress Fast – 1-on-1 classes are the best way to learn Chinese fast. Certified teachers and full focus on you means you'll be speaking comfortably in no time.

    Standard or Intensive – 20 or 30 hours per week will see your Chinese improve fast. You decide what suits your schedule best, and we do the rest

  • Discover Xi'an

    Discover Xi'an

    See the Sights – Xi'an is hugely underrated. Dripping with Chinese culture, incredible food and some wonderful sights to see, not least Huashan and the Terracotta Warriors.

    Explore Together – Our community is always so tight. From staff to teachers and students, we always have a good time together and discover new places every month!

  • Over a Decade Teaching Chinese

    Over a Decade Teaching Chinese

    The Experts – We've been teaching Mandarin for years now and we know exactly how to improve every student's ability. It's not as hard as you might think.

    In The Know – Want tips on the best apps to learn Chinese? Need to know where to eat tonight? We know Xi'an and China inside out. Trust on us to show you the ropes!

Study Chinese in China – The 1-on-1 Program

Our individual study Chinese in China full time program is split into three options. Choose the one that matches your needs best. If you are unsure, talk to us and of course we will advise you through the process.


  • Standard Individual Chinese Course:
    • 20 hours of Chinese lessons per week
    • 4 hours of Chinese Monday-Friday
  • Intensive Individual Chinese Course:
    • 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week
    • 6 hours of Chinese Monday-Friday.
  • Small Group and Individual Chinese Course:
    • 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week
    • 4 hours of group classes
    • 2 hours individual classes Monday-Friday

Starting Dates

You can start on any Monday you wish.

Please get in touch with us and we can discuss a starting date subject to availability.

Be aware that if you’re a beginner taking group classes in Xi’an there are specific starting dates for these. With 1-on-1 classes you have much more flexibility.

Study Chinese in China Classes – Pricing

Duration % OFF Standard Individual
(20h 1-on-1)
Intensive Individual
(30h 1-on-1)
Group & Individual
(20h group & 10h 1-on-1)
1 wk 0% 3,398 5,097 3,352
2 wks -2% 6,631 9,946 6,541
3 wks -5% 9,704  14,555 9,573
4 wks -7% 12,623 18,934 12,452
5 wks -9% 15,393 23,090 15,185
6 wks -12% 18,022 27,032  17,778
7 wks -14% 20,512  30,769 20,235
8 wks -16% 22,817 34,307  22,562
9 wks -18% 25,102  37,653  24,763
10 wks -20%  27,211 40,817 26,843
11 wks -22% 29,202  43,803 28,808
12 wks -24% 31,080 46,620  30,660
13-52 wks -24% 2,590/wk 3,885/wk 2,555/wk

Important Info

Minimum duration: one week
Maximum duration: one year
Starting: on any Monday
Duration of each lesson: 60 minutes

Connection Kit

Our Connection Kit is a great opportunity to meet local friends straight away. Let us make your life easier with our personal student ambassador and our personal Chinese language exchange friend. Find out more about our Connection Kit.

No additional fees

Textbooks and study materials: included in the price
Assessment and course design: free
Registration fee: none
Visa invitation: fully available

Extra Programs

The Xi'an Safari

What about getting out of the classroom and learning Chinese on the streets of Xi’an?

Our Safari program is designed to get you using your Mandarin skills on the streets of Xi’an in practical day-to-day situations.

Our student Zander in China

Our student Zander in China

  • Order your favourite dish at a restaurant
  • Buy pair of shoes you love
  • Get your ticket to see the Terracotta Warriors

There is no better place to study and immerse yourself in Mandarin than on the streets of China.

Your Mandarin teacher will accompany you at all times. They know the city of Xi’an inside out and will take you to the best places to learn and practice your Mandarin.

A Beijing Safari lesson is split into 3 parts:

Warm up – Time to get to grips with the vocab you’ll be using on the streets. Get familiar with it before heading into the fray.

The Safari – Get onto the streets of China and start using what you just learned. We have 20 different Safari programs in total.

Cool Down – Feedback? Questions? Iron out anything you were unsure about in the cool down before the class ends.

PLEASE NOTE – This program is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 10 hours a week of individual classes. After this, you may then upgrade those hours of class to the Xi’an Safari add on.

Disclaimer – Students are responsible for any purchases made during the Xi’an Safari.

Other Notes:

  • Ideal for Mandarin Beginners at level A1/A2
  • 10 hours a week of your 1 on 1 will be upgraded to Safari
  • Two weeks maximum course length
Discover Xi'an
Huashan - One of China's most famous spots

Huashan – One of China’s most famous spots

Discover the city of Xi’an and immerse yourself fully into the Chinese language as you learn Mandarin at some of China’s most historic attractions.

This outdoor study program allows you to pick up and practice your language skills with locals on the move at some of the most famous hotspots in Xi’an. There is no better way to learn Mandarin on the streets than getting stuck in and chatting to locals!

PLEASE NOTE – This program is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 10 hours a week of individual classes. After this, you may then upgrade those hours of class to Discover Xi’an.

Disclaimer – Students are responsible for any purchases made.

Other Notes:

  • Suitable for all Chinese levels A1-C2
  • 20 hours per week 1 on 1
  • Maximum of 2 weeks

To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 20 hours a week of individual classes. You can then upgrade after booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I study?

Whatever you want!

The beauty of 1-on-1 classes is that you choose what you want to study. Just speaking? No problem. Want to base classes around reading Newspapers and Articles, we’ve got you covered! Planning to take a HSK exam and want to practice past papers? We cover it all.

You get what you want with 1-on-1 classes.

Is it true that 1-on-1 progression is quicker than group?

Absolutely – all focus is on you.

You have the power to choose the program, the schedule and the content. In groups, of course you still make excellent progress but you don’t choose the content or schedule and in a class of 4 you won’t speak as much as in a 1-on-1 class where all eyes are on you.

How many teachers will I have?

This depends on the season, availability and study plan.

Sometimes you’ll just have one teacher, other times you might have two or even three. Neither is better nor worse. Having more teachers doesn’t hamper or speed up your progress.

Is 6 hours a day too much?

6 hours x 5 a week is a lot of Chinese but it’s absolutely not too much.

Sure you might feel a tad fatigued some days or your brain a bit frazzled, but 6 hours is an intensive Chinese course. You’ll be taking in loads of new things every day. Everyone reacts differently to the challenges it poses but it’s certainly not too much.

I want to meet people so I think group classes are best. Is this true?

A common misconception from people before they come to China is that you are isolated in 1-on-1 classes. This is absolutely not correct.

Every hour you have a break and the common area becomes abuzz with students socialising. Lunch together is common and students always plan after lesson activities each week or during the weekend. There is no way you are isolated in 1-on-1 classes and you will meet just as many people!

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