Studying in China means you’ll need to apply for a Student Visa for China. This is something we will help and guide you through from start to finish.

As LTL Mandarin School is a fully accredited Mandarin Language School, we have the ability to issue invitations for study visas in China for the duration of your course.

The finite details will vary depending on your nationality and where you are applying from, but many of the same details apply to a large percentage of applicants.

Information for the student visa for China are generally not the easiest to find online.

Thankfully we have over a decade of experience to hand, meaning that we can help you through the process with minimal fuss.

Support for your Visa for China
  • Student Visa for China
  • Full support from LTL
  • Accredited Language School
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Leave the hard work to us

Full Support from LTL

10+ Years Experience – We have guided thousands of students through the process, we know the deal.
Guidance – If you have any questions, just ask us and receive a reply quickly from our first class support team in China.
Agencies – We deal with the most reliable agencies to help students apply for their visas.

Invitation Documents

Invitational letters – School admission notice and study visa invitation letter provided by LTL.
Accommodation – Get your accommodation confirmation letter from LTL.
Payment Confirmation – Course documents to support your student visa application.

Student Visa for China – What’s the Deal?

Visas for China are can be a little complex so attention to detail is key when applying for yours.

We are an accredited Language Centre, this means that we can help provide you with the necessary invitation documents to get you to China in a painless fashion.

Since LTL began only 1 student has failed to get a visa and that was because he unfortunately left his application too late. Every other student has applied and been accepted into China.

Upon booking your course you will do the following:

NOTE – Which kind of visa you should apply for depends on a few factors including your planned time in China, your course and your nationality. You might apply for an X1 visa and get an X2 instead, or vice-versa, as an example. Read on as we answer some key FAQ’s.

Student Visa for China – Document Delivery

We will always send you the electronic copies of your Chinese student visa documents, so you can apply with them and save yourself the DHL courier charges. If  you do need the original copies of the documents we can send them to you you using DHL (charges will apply).

Electronic documentsOriginal documents
FREEDHL charges, depending on your location

NOTE – If you plan to travel around China before or after your course, we can look at further options at extending your visa one way or another.

Chinese Student Visa Fee

Visa Invitation Documents

Visa documentCost
Visa for <90 daysFREE
Visa for >90 days1200 CNY
Visa extension documents in ChinaFREE

Extended Visa Validity

<14 daysFREE
14-31 days500 CNY
>31 daysN/A


Do I need my original visa invitation documents?

This depends on the consulate and the timing. We can only give a vague answer at this stage unfortunately, but this is something that changes all the time, so to provide the most relevant information is very difficult online.

Best thing to do here is to speak to your consulate or, better still to avoid potential phone queues, speak to an LTL Student Advisor who should be able to provide you with all the answers you need.

What are the DHL charges?

This depends on where you live.

To make things easier, we will pre-pay the fees and when you arrive we will confirm the cost and you can pay us when you come to China.

How long does it take for the original visa documents to arrive to me?

One to three working days is a rough guideline. Again though, this depends on where you live.

How long does the whole application for a Student Visa for China take?

Again, it can vary by destination.

Some consulates offer a 24 express service, others take perhaps a week.

The best thing we can say is APPLY EARLY.

Give yourself time and you will have no problems or stress awaiting your visa.

Can I apply for a visa months in advance?

Generally you cannot apply more than 3 months before travelling to China so although we advise to apply early, don’t go overboard and go too early!

For example, if you travel on August 1st, mark down early May as the time get the ball rolling.

How long do the invitation letters from LTL take?

Upon booking, we can sort this out within 1 working day.

Of course, this isn’t the case with every booking. We have busy seasons where it will take a few days but if you are on a tight schedule we can always get you sorted quicker.

NOTE – remember time difference. If you live in Europe and make a booking at 6pm after you finished work/studying, we’ll most likely be asleep. Likewise if you are in the US and send us an email in the early morning, we’ll probably have finished at the office already. Likewise take note of Chinese Holidays also.

Are student visas for China issued for specific dates?

In a nutshell, your visa will be for a duration, not set dates.

For example 180 days. You will be allowed to remain in China for that duration after entering the country.

What is a visa application center and is it the same as an embassy?

A number of Chinese embassies have outsourced the first steps of the student visa application process to private companies that run visa application centers.

This means that you actually might not go to the embassy to apply for your visa.

Instead you will go to a visa application center, who will check your documents and then pass them on to the embassy.

What are the Visa costs?

Unfortunately again, this is really difficult to answer because it completely varies from country to country.

We can put you in touch with a former student from your country to check, or asking your embassy directly is generally a good way to get your answer.

Should I use a visa agency?

If you come across a reliable, well-reviewed agency we would always recommend using them.

Be careful though, unreliable agencies can cause headaches. Stick to one that has a strong online profile and has been recommended. We can help with this also depending on your location.

Chinese embassies are in general very unreliable at communicating what exactly is needed at the moment to apply for a visa.

Therefore, an experienced Chinese visa agency should be quite helpful, as they will know what the current situation is and can advise you in advance which additional documents might be required and how to get them.

Does everyone traveling to China need a visa?

Citizens of Japan, Singapore and Mongolia can receive a 15 day visa on arrival.

Most other nationalities must have a visa. If you do not have a visa, you will be turned away at the airport and not allowed to enter China.

Do I need an accommodation booking?

Yes you will.

Airbnb or private landlords sometimes are not accepted so for that reason an accommodation confirmation will be included in your list of documents that LTL will provide.

Can you help me with a student visa if I do not study at LTL?

No, we only provide support for LTL students.

I’m a part-time student, can you provide me with the same support as a full-time student?

Chinese authorities only issue study visas for students who learn Mandarin full time.

To classify as a full time Chinese language student, you will have to take at least 10 hours of individual or 20 hours of group classes per week.

Can I study on a tourist visa?

Yes, you do not have to have a student visa to study Chinese in China.

Who is responsible for applying for the student visa for China?

You take responsibility for this, we guide you through the process.

The actual act of going to embassies, consulates, centers and making sure you apply for your visa in time etc is down to you. Any questions along the way, we’ll do our best to  help you.

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