Did you know we have two types of Online Chinese Course here at LTL Mandarin School?

  • Fixed Online Courses
    • Learn to a set schedule each week (for example every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm)
  • Flexi Classes
    • Learn Chinese online whenever you wish. Study 10 hours one week and 2 hours the next, choose the time, date and topic as you wish.

The reason we provide different online Chinese courses is because everyone is unique. Some people need that structure every week, whereas others have an ever changing schedule and need that flexibility to change week on week.

By providing you with the choice, you can learn Chinese online like never before, with the best Chinese teachers in the business.

  • Online Chinese Courses with LTL
  • Over a decade of teaching Mandarin
  • Amazing reviews all over the Internet
  • Choose Fixed or Flexi classes
  • Taught by China’s greatest teaching team
  • Instant support from our worldwide team
  • Get fluent fast


4 OR 10 HOURS A WEEK – You decide what’s best for you
CHOOSE YOUR TIMEZONE – We cater to all
QUICK, EASY PAYMENT – Get booked up within minutes
GROUP OR 1-ON-1 – Whatever your preference


ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – There’s no program like it
LESSONS/COURSE – Follow a course or book what you want
CANCEL/REBOOK – Whenever you want, no pressure
TOP TEACHERS – All around the world ready to teach you


The newest, most exciting way to learn Chinese on the Internet. Whilst 2020 has been busy throwing up problem after problem, rather than sit and feel sorry for ourselves, we’ve been busy developing something so great, and so exciting that we cannot wait to share it with everyone.

Discover the Flexi Classes from the man who came up with the idea himself, Mr LTL – Andreas Laimbock, with these two videos below.

There is genuinely no better online Chinese course on the Internet, and the early feedback from our students has been fantastic (as you can see in the images above).

This was all about making Chinese accessible to anyone around the world, whether inside or out of China. If you are serious about finding out more about the Flexi classes – check out our dedicated Online website, or sign up below.


Study Chinese in small groups or individually from anywhere in the world with our fantastic team of teachers at LTL. 

Our fixed Online Chinese Courses are a brilliant way to get your mouth moving, which is vital when wanting to achieve fluency in Chinese.

Group packages come in 4 hours or 10 hours per week – they can be taken on weekdays or weekends, to suit your schedule. 

We cater to time zones all around the world meaning no one misses out. Check out our schedules below for online group classes.

Individual class schedules can be arranged with your teachers after purchase.

If you want to get an idea for what our classes are like, check out our free Mandarin classes which take place on Facebook every single week.


There are three types of fixed Chinese course we provide, to cater for all schedules. The after work course, the weekend course or the everyday intensive course.

Individual courses are arranged at a time agreed with your teacher.

All of our classes take place via Zoom.

CourseDaysHoursClass TimesTime ZoneUTC
After Work EveningMonday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday47pm – 9pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4
WeekendSaturday or Sunday48am – 10am & 11am – 1pm OR 1pm – 3pm & 4pm – 6pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4
Everyday IntensiveMonday – Friday108am – 10am & 11am – 1pm OR 1pm – 3pm & 4pm – 6pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4


Check out our amazing teaching materials which we made ourselves. These are the materials we use to structure our lessons around.


Online Group Class

If you’d prefer to study individually we also offer 1-to-1 Chinese classes. We have six different packages below whereby you can purchase a number of hours for a tailored Mandarin course with us.


Our six individual Online courses are available to purchase below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and is all that’s left is to enter your payment details.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us using [email protected].

Online 1-on-1 Classes


Are lessons taught on Zoom?

Yes indeed – all online Chinese courses use Zoom so you will need to download this if you haven’t got it already.

Do you have a free trial I can participate in?

We do indeed.

You can check out our free Facebook live classes to get a feel for our lessons.

How long have LTL been teaching online?

We’ve been teaching students online for most of our existence (since 2007) but before hand, this was much more rare.

Of course since 2020, everything has changed and now we provide a huge number of Chinese lessons every single week.

Can I pay using Stripe?

Yes you can.

Can I learn online with LTL before coming to China?

Yes absolutely, if you are coming to China to study with us it makes perfect sense to start learning Mandarin beforehand.

Many students do just that, making their transition to China even smoother.

How much do Flexi classes cost?

The flexi class system is a subscription based service so this depends on how many credits you purchase.

You can check out the costs of different subscriptions on our registration page here.

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