Want Mandarin exposure 24/7? Then why not try a Homestay in Xi’an?

The LTL Homestay program is the best way to propel your Mandarin to new heights.

80% of all LTL students opt to stay with a homestay and the reasons are clear.

Amazing home-cooked Chinese food, full Immersion to the Chinese language and a unique look into what it’s like living in a Chinese household.

  • Breakfast and Dinner all provided
  • Your own bedroom included
  • All bills included
Savannah with her Homestay Family
Savannah with her Homestay Family

A truly once in a lifetime experience that we would recommend to anyone coming to China to learn Chinese.

The Real Deal

Immersion – Learn Chinese all day and feel full Immersion.
Amazing Food – Home cooked Breakfast and Dinner everyday
Speak Everyday – Practice what you learned in class with LTL
Exclusive To You – 1 student per homestay

Homestay Experts

In The Know – 80+% of our students lives in a homestay
Personalised – Family & students are carefully matched
Preferences – Vegetarian, gluten free, halal, vegan…
Always here – Just speak to us if you have questions

Homestay in Xi’an – The Process

  1. Talk to us – Firstly it’s a case of getting to know each other. You tell us about yourself and we’ll do the same. Getting to know each student is an important step.
  2. More Details – After getting the introductions out of the way let’s talk in more detail. Any allergies, preferences for location or family? This helps us match you perfectly to the right family.
  3. Seven Days To Go – The countdown is well and truly underway. We send you information regarding your homestay including a few pictures and their address. You are welcome to start contacting them also.
  4. Arrival Day in China – If you’ve booked an Airport Pick up or Survival Kit our private driver will be on hand to collect you. If not, you can head to a taxi and show them the address for your homestay. Upon arrival, get settled in and meet your family for the coming weeks. It’s an exciting time for all!
  5. Day 1 at LTL School – Your family will help you get to school on your first day of lessons to save you worrying. It’s time to meet your fellow students and staff at LTL Xi’an.

Xi’an Homestay Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

All prices are shown are in Chinese Yuan (CNY). If you ever have any questions we are always here to help. Drop us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

DurationHomestay Price (CNY)
1 week2,345
2 weeks4,553
3 weeks6,631
4 weeks8,584
5 weeks10,417
6 weeks12,136
7 weeks13,747
8 weeks15,253
9 weeks16,660
10 weeks17,972
11 weeks19,193
12 weeks20,328
13-52 wks+1,694 per week
extra night391 per night


Why are Homestays more expensive?

Here’s why:

– Unique experience

– Welcomed into a Family

– Authentic Home Cooked Chinese food

– Full exposure to Mandarin

– Higher quality accommodation

This is why over 80% of our students choose to live with a homestay. Your Chinese will progress faster but also your quality of living is that bit higher.

If I want, can I stay with my friend at the same homestay?

We can arrange this for you yes.

Communicate with us and we try to arrange this. We do advise that one student per homestay is the best way to take advantage of this language learning opportunity though.

Do I have to eat with my Homestday every day?

No but be aware your family will assume you will be at home for these meals, so make sure to communicate with them beforehand so they know the situation if you’re not going to be home.

How do I overcome the language barrier?

Talk, talk, talk. Practice, practice, practice.

These tricky situations are what will define your progression in Mandarin. Avoid them, and you are avoiding living the language.

It’s essential you get stuck, get annoyed, and get edgy, but you will always find a way around it.

How do I get to LTL from my homestay?

Your homestay family will assist you on day 1, after that you’ll find a route whether it be via bike, walking or public transport.

There’s always the option of a taxi as well!

Can I lock my bedroom door?


Is there air-con and heating for hot/cold days?

All homestay households are equipped with both air-con and heating.

What is the food like?

We love the food so don’t worry about that!

Homemade dumplings, noodles, different kinds of meats and vegetables and much more. The cuisine is delightful and we are convinced you won’t be disappointed even if you have allergies or don’t eat meat! China caters for all.

Can I request a smoke free homestay?

Of course. We will cater for whatever you need when selecting your homestay family.

Will I be able to wash my clothes?

Yes of course that’s no problem. Each homestay is equipped with washing facilities.

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